PACO DEL POZO  -   Professional Career           Francisco del Pozo Carpintero.         Madrid   1975                                   At age eight, he began to acquire knowledge of “cante flamenco”  learning under guidance of the                                   flamenco guitar master Paco de Antequera, months after debuting with the cordovan guitarist                                   Manolo Molina and continuing their  learning with Pepe Pucherete,from Linares .                                    His training as a flamenco singer, takes place in the early years in the environment of the little                                    local groups of flamenco (so called “Peñas”)  in Madrid.            In 1985, he made his first recording, produced by Paco de Antequera. A year later, in 1986, he was appointed            best flamenco singer revelation of Madrid.            With 17 years of age, he started to work in the Madrid  flamenco local called “tablao Corral de la Morería", is as            well as Paco del Pozo began his more professional  career, forming part of the crew and also singing for various             flamenco dance companies, touring countries of Asia,America, Africa and Europe.Among its many awards             highlights in 1997  the extremely prestigious “lámpara minera” award, at the XXXVII Festival             Internacional del Cante de las Minas, which maked that his name began to sound more strongly in the             flamenco world.So far is the only Madrid singer winner of this award.             In 2003 was released their first album “Vestido de Luces”  (Harmonia Mundi).This work it´s  really a tribute to the             dynasty Bullfighter of  Ordóñez .There are also collaborations very noteworthy, such as Jorge Pardo and Carles             Benabent.             His taste for music, makes that Paco is collaborating with other musical styles. Jazz is one of them, and worked             for  several years with the Spanish band "Jazz Hondo", to record a live album with the same name.             Also collaborates with the classical guitarist José María Gallardo del Rey, developing a original repertoire  with             various styles: Copla (folk spanish song) , Argentine Tango, Boleros, classical pieces, etc... With him he took             part in the XV biennial of Seville.             Its latest openness to other music has been the recent collaboration on the last album, "Fugaz", of the Madrid             group of Folk "La Bruja Gata”.             Not leaving the music focused to flamenco dance, also continues to work with the María Pagés company,             involved in the construction ,and later premiere ,at the Biennale of Seville of the work "Canciones antes de una             guerra".             He was the musician who opened the Sala Polivalente of Teatro del Canal, in the Festival Flamenco Caja             Madrid, 2009.              He has recorded the soundtrack of  Emilio Ruiz Barrachina´s film "The disciple" , in 2010.              In the year 2013 presents his show "Enter singing at Madrid"  premiered at the sum Flamenco in Madrid.                      "A song by memory" at the Abbey of Madrid theater opens in the year 2015.              He recorded his second album solo called "In this moment" in collaboration with artists such as              Manolo Franco, uan Ramon Caro, Antonio Carrión, Paco Vidal, José Luis Rodríguez, Tino Di              Giraldo,Tomasito and Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey and others.                            Its premiere in May 2017 at the Fernán Gómez Theatre in Madrid opens its tour of Spain and              Europe                          In addition, he teaches Flamenco in the Conservatory foundation Casa Patas, professional              Conservatory of music on  Arturo Soria,  Madrid.                          The Felix Grande poet says : "Sings with the strength of his youth and the wisdom of an old              man".                          
“Sings with the strength of his youth                            and the wisdom of an old man”    -  Félix  Grande  -
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